FLIChub IR-blaster + Wemos/LOLIN D1 mini


I’m wanting to repurpose an old IR blaster/receiver to use with a LOLIN D1 mini.
I want some help with determining what the wires on the ir-board are for and how I should connect the boards.

The ir receiver+blaster is from a FLIChub.
Pictures below.


I’m just guessing here by the colors

Red - 5V
Green - GND
White/Black - Either one could be ir receiver/ir led transmitter

You’ll need to trace using multimeter to verify them

So after measuring I see that when transmitting i get a current between black and white (alternating up to 2.5v) and when waiting to record a signal there is a steady current from black to green on 3.2v and from black to white on 3.2v.

I got a response from the flic team:

One is ground.
One is power for the LEDs.
One is power for the receiver.
One is the signal from the receiver.

Not sure exactly which pin has which colour, but you should be able to find that out pretty easily.

The LEDs are directly connected to the LED power pin so the hub emits the “raw” signal.

The receiver also delivers a “raw” signal (however frequencies outside common IR range are filtered away) so if you connect it to an oscilloscope you will see the raw IR signal. If you record and send the same signal as power to the LEDs, it should “replay” the same command.