Flickering lights after manually cutting power to light bulbs

Hi everyone,

Before I ask my question, here’s my current situation: I am running Home Assistant in a proxmox VM on a intel NUC, with a conbee 2 stick for Zigbee via Deconz. I have about 10 lights (both Ikea and Philips Hue ones) and roughly 10 motion/door sensors from Aqara.

As long as no one touches any switches in the house, everything seems to work well enough most of the time, but try telling a 3 year old not to flip switches :wink:
When she does, and I turn it back on again, the light bulb (either the Ikea or Philips Hue one, doesn’t matter) sometimes goes into a state where it starts to turn itself on and off at a random interval. Even if I manually turn the light on via a button in Home Assistant, it turns itself off again after x seconds and then back on again after x seconds.

So far the only solution I found is to reboot Home Assistant to “clear” the state the light was in and that usually does the trick.

What I am wondering is:

  1. is there any solution to prevent this from happening? (without the obvious answer of not flipping the switch in the first place)
  2. would connecting the lights via the Philips Hue hub instead of the Conbee stick help?

Hi, did you ever find a solution to this problem? I have the exact same issue and it is driving me crazy.

In a way, but not the way I would like. I added Shelly smart switches behind the regular switches of places where people accidentally hit the switch often (toilet, hallway, etc.)

Did not find a way to fix this within Home Assistant sadly.

Yeah that I cannot do.

My setup has been working quit okay for at least year or so, only flicking if I have cut off the power of the complete house. Now when just one bulb is cut off, by the switch or unscrewing it, it is flicking for 10-20 minutes. At the moment the complete zigbee network is so unstable I have to do that once or twice per day to reconnect bulbs loosing connection.
One real changes has been done and on clueless on what to do.