Flip camera image upside down

I’m using the generic camera platform to pull still images from several cameras. One of the cameras only sends images that are upside down. It does not have the ability to flip the image in the camera firmware itself.

Is there a way to flip the image after Hassio receives it?

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I’d like to find out too. @PCRx did you manage?

No. Ended up swapping out the camera for one that worked.

Yea, did the same: turned the camera up side down. Still cannot believe that this cannot be done via the camera component in Home Assistant. Made a feature request as I believe this should be added: Flip camera

My camera was from an exterior dome which was meant to hang down. I wanted to have it upright on my inside window sill. There’s probably an easy way to do it since the FFMPEG utility has the ability to flip images any-which-way.

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