Flipclock custom card


My custom-cards journey has just started and I am in no way an expert. I need some help with this :slight_smile:

I’m looking into getting a flip-clock onto my dashboard, which I will display on a smart mirror that I’ve built. I’ve imported the .js file as a resource, but I can’t seem to get the system to recognize the custom card.

The clock which I would like to implement:

any help would be very much appreciated.



You need to create a custom card to display it (unless it is an iframe?).

After some googling; I found an actual flip clock in HACS repository, which i could adapt to implement the clock i posted above

It says on the git page that it is in HACS but its not. Found it through google search on GIT

Can you please share the link, also looking for this but can’t find anything in HACs, thanks!

it’s not in HACS, it is on github, however… thats probably why I could not find it in the first place…

I would very much like to adapt this version to what I have originally posted.
Sad to say, I’ve tried but my very, very limited programming skills have failed me and I am at the moment clueless on how to proceed.

Thanks, I had a look but think there missing files in the zip, I created a issue for the developer, let’s hope he will react to this, thanks!

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If you manage to get this working let me know. It looks very cool.

Yeah it looks like the files have been deleted and maybe the project is abandoned. Shame, I definitely wanted to give it a go.

Check out some of the forks. This one had a compiled version to use. Looks nice in desktop browser but did not show up in ios app. GitHub - knobunc/flipclock-card: A minimalistic and customizable flip clock card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI.


thanks for this github link!
definitely would not have found this on my own.