Flipr integration

Hi there,

Since becoming an official integration, the flipr one lost the functionality to control flipr hubs. They are basically a switch for pool heater or pumps.
This commit to the integration worked Add support for Flipr hub by AntorFr · Pull Request #5 · cnico/hacs-flipr · GitHub
Could you re-add it to the official integration?




I have no flipr hub in order to test it so it is not possible for me to do this.
You should perhaps contact @AntorFr in order to propose a new contribution for what is missing. If you have the skill, you can also propose a merge request to homeassistant.
But when I contributed to homeassistant in order to move the hacs flipr code to become an official integration, I did not remove the code of flipr hubs.
It is juste that I can not test and correct it since I have no device…



j ai un hub, je peux aider ?



I have also a FlipR Hub (or controlR) and home assistant installed. I’m also interested by having the hub status in HA.

I can help if needed :slight_smile: