Flipr pool maintenance integration


new the Hass and I like it a lot. I would like to integrate my pool water management system to be included on the platform but I am not a good enough programmer to develop an integration myself. Are there other options to integrate third party API accessible services - even just for basic calls? The documentation of FLIPR is here, unfortunately only available in french.

Hi @luckydutchie,
I also use a Flipr and I had the same wish to have it used in home assistant.
I created an integration and it has been finally been validated by the core team of home assistant and is part of core version 2021.8 release.
You can use it as other integrations : Flipr - Home Assistant to have sensors on your home assistant and then to use standard home assistant dashboard to view it.
Here is my graphs :

Enjoy :wink:

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which dashboard cards do you use for the history tables on the right side?

It is a hacs mini-graph-card : https://github.com/kalkih/mini-graph-card