Flo by Moen - anyone using

I just came across this inline water monitoring/shut-off valve through the HACS (someone has already built a custom_component). Would love to get some feedback on whether the Flo works. I’m a little hesitant as it is cloud-based; are there alternatives that people are using?

I was looking at this too after seeing it on This Old House. Super expensive, and from what I read most of the features are only available with the paid subscription.

I installed one a few months ago. I am happy with it.
It still monitors and closes the valve if needed without internet. I ended up paying for the $5/month subscription so they would give me a letter for insurance. It really isn’t very cost prohibitive for me since I get a 10% discount on my homeowner’s insurance. I didn’t find the other features that came with the subscription very useful though.