Flo by Moen : issue with Smart water detector


I can configure the shutoff valve in Flo by Moen integration and it works well only if my smart water detector is not configured in the manufacturer app. Even if the HA system option (enable newly added entities) of this integration is set to disabled, the integration still add the smart water detector entities. It appears that the entities of the detector becomes “primary” therefore it jeopardize the valve control and the services.

Please advise, thanks

Working fine with 2021/04 core update!!!

hi @chayerd I recently got my flo valve installed and the integration in HA . the readings do not get updated frequently and becomes unavailable between midnight and 10am. When unavailable I get the errors below. Does your integration still work? Can you please help?

Logger: homeassistant.components.flo
Source: components/flo/config_flow.py:27
Integration: Flo (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 6:02:38 AM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 6:02:38 AM

Error connecting to the Flo API: There was an error while requesting https://api.meetflo.com/api/v1/users/auth: 400, message=‘Bad Request’, url=URL(‘https://api.meetflo.com/api/v1/users/auth’)

Logger: homeassistant.components.flo
Source: helpers/update_coordinator.py:219
Integration: Flo (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 3:01:39 AM (6 occurrences)
Last logged: 6:02:55 AM

Error fetching flo-xxxxxxxxxxxx data: There was an error while requesting https://api-gw.meetflo.com/api/v2/water/consumption: 400, message=‘Bad Request’, url=URL(‘https://api-gw.meetflo.com/api/v2/water/consumption?endDate=2021-09-21T23:59:59.999000&interval=1h&locationId=xxxxxx&startDate=2021-09-21T00:00:00’)

I have always had very slow rate of update for flow, pressure and temperature reading… so much that I’ve disabled these entities. I noticed too that there are several “became unavailable” in logbook throughout the day. Now I have put the logger on debug mode for Flo component to see what’s going on and to compare to yours.

When i follow the link in the logs i get an api token error. So it seems like an issue with flo. But when I wrote to them they say HA is not part of the official integration and that I need to write to ha. I have posted this error on the ha core github issues for flo integration. I think by more people doing the same im hoping it will get fixed.

I changed the logger to “warn” yesterday… debug is just too much. From last 24 hours there was no entities that became unavailable. The only thing I see is “Error fetching flo” but that corresponds to when the internet modem reboot. I’ll keep monitoring and let you know.

thanks for that @chayerd it must have got something to do with the fact that I am in Australia different timezone? because its always between midnight and 10am that it becomes unavailable.

Are you happy with Flo by moen?? Just doing my research now into water usage

Yes I am for the most part. There is a delay in the integration updating HA apart from that it works as advertised.

how much of a delay, less than an hr??

I reactivated in HA the flow rate and pressure to test … delay now is about 20~30 seconds between HA and Flo app which is 5~10 seconds late compared to real water usage.

If your are looking for water monitoring only you may look for something else cheaper and quicker to report to HA.

Flo Moen is intended to work with the cloud IA and not really made to work with something else. Communication is quick enough to receive commands from HA. Valve internal temperature sensor is not used, instead the data given is outdoor temperature taken from internet. The leak detector has built-in temperature and humidity sensors which can be useful. I have an automation to monitor all its data for “unavailable” status (watchdog) and another automation to remind me to put Flo back to “home” mode if I forgot it as “sleep” mode. Other than that it’s just data on HA dashboard since the monitoring and protection is done by Moen server.

Yes definitely less than an hour

hey thanks for this, Im in australia and there is nothing here that seems to be what im after
Im happy with that delay as its more to monitor for summer time and to get an idea of daily usage thats all

Now it’s also integrated in the energy management for further analysis

yeah awesome, do you mind sharing the entities it exposes ??

Hi All,
Can somebody tell what is the resolution on the flow rate? second/minute, or event base?

Entities from the valve

Entities from the leak detector

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I don’t have exact data. What I experience is the FLO iOS app have a resolution of about several samples per 10 seconds and sensibility is a fraction of LPM. Unfortunately Moen server doesn’t send the same to HA. Resolution from Moen to HA is something around once / twice per minute.

thank you for the info

Some notes on these entities

Temperature is not water temperature. It’s fixed at 107 in my case. The IOS app used to give me freezing temp alert but in my case all water lines are underground and protected from frost so I opened a ticket and the answer is :“Area temperature in the app is based on your local zip/postal code weather. The device does have an internal sensor that sends a freeze warning when water is nearing 35 degrees.” So I asked them to lower the threshold so not to get notification. Bottom line is this entity is useless in HA.

In general all entities are not updated quickly in HA so this limit the usability of automation in HA.