Flo by Moen - use in Europe?

I’m looking into getting a water monitoring component for my home. And of all the ones that I’ve seen Flo seems to be the most complete (monitoring plus shut-off option).

However, I don’t live in the US or Canada. The support told me that I won’t be able to download the app if I’m not there and in fact Google tells me that it’s not available for my region.

So my question is: if I only want to use Flo through Home Assistant, do I need the app at all? Could I configure things directly in HA without the need for the or is the app required?

Geoblock can be easily circumvented

Thanks, but that’s not actually the answer to my question.

If you check the integration:

you see it uses cloud polling (poorest choice avaiable)

That means you need to authenticate. The owner of the software (you only own the hardware!) can force you to use the app or could also allow you to use their website.

In the end this is the kind of product everybody should warn you from as every day the servers could be shut down or former free service can turn into a payed subscription over night…

You pay today (for hardware) and don’t know if it still will work tomorrow

Listen to Indeeed here and find another product.

Just see this example.

OK, this is fair. Thanks :slight_smile:

The only issue that I have now is that this was the only such product that I could find. One that measures flow and at the same time has ability to close the water mains in the event of problems or need.

I’ll need to find an alternative, ideally one with better privacy approach.

You probably have a water meter/clock already installed from the company you pay for providing water? Often the offer some form of output pulse that can be read cheaply with a proper sensor (reflective/induction/etc.).

This describes to read a pulse from a power meter but mostly can be adapted to read a water clock too (depending on what your meter offers)

See here, I found that a while ago for the German market:


Not sure if the described setup is really smart as it closes the magnetive valve with power. In case you have a water damage that causes your breaker to trip it can’t close the valve (or even keep it closed). It’s not quite “fail safe” in that matter…

But the other way, have the valve energized all the time to have it open also isn’t that quite of a favorite solution as it ads a 24-7 power draw.

We settled with a motorized ball with manual override that’s driven with DC voltage and backed up by a UPS

If I were you, I would not consider flo (Moen) either. I would prefer the combination of z-wave or zigbee water shut-off valve, and a separate water flow sensor.

Less “complete” in a sense them they being not in the same package / same box, but you will gain flexibility, and they are 100% local control.

And to answer your question:

And the answer is no. Your setup would still need to talk to Flo over the internet, (and depends on how good Moen keeps their services running), to control a piece of hardware inside your own house.

FWIW, I spent a good amount of time researching this and the Flo is prone to a lot of issues - which isn’t surprising since those internal components are under a lot of stress 24/7 and this is where the problems are apparently. Between that and having to have it professionally installed (upwards of $1,000 USD) and professionally maintained on a break (another $1,000 USD) just drove me away from it. I wanted it more to turn water on and off as needed, rather than monitor usage, so I ended up with five Zooz Titans instead and haven’t looked back.

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