Float point precision in sensors

Hello all
I’m using esp32 with esphome to get sensor values using modbus rs485 from a soil temperature and humidity sensor.
I got it to work just fine but the data reaches HA without any decimal point precision.
On esphome webserver on esp32 I see on the debug text that it is sending 31.9c temperature to homesssistant but I only get 32c on HA interface and on the webserver interface for some reason and same is true for humidity.
Even when I set float precision from HA settings to .00 it only says 32.00,.
How do I make it send it as 31.90c and show up as such on the interface?

From logs:
sensor:094]: ‘Temp’: Sending state 31.60000 C with 0 decimals of accuracy

I tried filters “return x/10.0”
“Return x*0.10”
multiply 0.10

All with the same result
Please help !

Ok so 1 minute after writing this post I solved it by adding “accuracy_decimals: 2” to each sensor thank you guys anyway