Flooded log: websocket_api

I am being plagued with this error flooding my log. Pressing F5 to refresh stops them but why do I get them in the first place?

(The bit redacted in the screenshot is a number. Each line in the log has a different one so I suspect I didn’t need to obscure it, but better safe than sorry :slight_smile:

Thanks for any pointers.

Client exceeded max pending messages [2]: 512
2:44:46 PM – websocket_api (ERROR) - message first occurred at 2:44:46 PM and shows up 1242 times

The other night, my frontend became unusable, and CPU usage and temperature spiked on my RPi Home Assistant instance. After quite a bit of troubleshooting, I finally figured out it appeared to be related to this error in the log (and I was getting thousands of them). I had a frontend instance on an Amazon Fire tablet that had crashed, but I’m guessing Home Assistant thought it was still connected and continued trying to send messages. Once I cleared the cache and refreshed the browser on the tablet, the errors immediately went away and my frontend went back to normal on my other devices.

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Food for thought as I have a tablet which has been misbehaving recently.
I’ll investigate…

Thank you.