Floor heating "smart" system help needed


As a fresh home owner I’m trying to find a way to make my life a little easier. My Home Assistant adventure starts when I get my garage door controller next week. I’m planning to install HA on my local server running 24/7.

Now to floor heating - I’m hoping someone has already implemented such solution and can steer me to the right hardware. Currently I don’t have any thermostats or actuators. I just want a solution without thermostats actually.
The idea is that I can control the flow rate from HA manually from my phone and can add thermostats in the future if I want to fully automate it.
So in my case I need actuators that have multiple positions (most of the cheap ones are just fully open or fully closed) and a hub with wifi and HA support to control those actuators.

EDIT - I do also have cables (with 3 wires inside) running into the rooms from the manifold. So thermostats are not out of the picture, but it all needs to work with HA.