Floor plan view

This may be a cultural thing, but before the appearance of voice recognition devices like siri and alexa at least in german speaking countries home automation was very often visualized as a kind of interactive “floor plan” of the house, with devices laid out on a birds eye view. And this was often considered the holy grail of smart home representation.

See e.g.

taken from here:

Now I do realize that this kind of display does not degrade well on a small phone screen, and that implementig it well is very very hard. And the value of this kind of UI is probably not as high in practice as its proponents claim. But it would be a cool feature to have, nevertheless, especially for giving a “at one glance” view on PCs, TV screens or large tablets.

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Great suggestion

Perhaps even being able to set the order and location of controls / widgets on a page would help layout logically to reflect your home layout (or any other logic you want)

I have not seen that you can define the order of cards / widgets appearing on a page - happy to be corrected if I am wrong.

I have opened a bug for not being able to change the order of the cards: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/2432

Lovelace picture-elements card for this