Floor3d Card: Sweet Home 3D export to HASS plugin

Hello everybody,

after the introduction of the Floor3D Card (GitHub - adizanni/floor3d-card: Floor 3D Card to visualize Home Assistant entities using objects i), now in release 1.0, I’ve also started to work on the ExportToHASS plugin for Sweethome3D (GitHub - adizanni/ExportToHASS: Sweethome3D Plugin for Home Assistant Export).

The plugin is a good companion for the card as it overcome the problem of changing object IDs across subsequent exports (when you use the Export to OBJ function). This saves a lot of manual effort to realign the card configuration and it provides some interesting features such as the one allowing a grouping of objects that works better than the equivalent object grouping I have done in the card.

It is still very draft and early release as it requires some significant effort.

To make a long story short, I have no idea if this plugin is adopted or not and in case not, what is the issue (lack of understanding, bug, etc.). There is an open issue (here)but I have some difficulties to reproduce and debug.

Please give some feedback here. The plugin is important for the adoption of the card so I really want to develop it further but I really need feedbacks.



Delivered new release fixing the issue related to the group in Sweet Home 3d.
Download it here