Floorplan actions is not clickable


I am unable to click any icons/actions on my floorplan - Any hints about that behaviour?
floorplan.yaml: https://gist.github.com/tringler/264e529a781a7de80bc7e4af1bccd070

Even with mouse there is no “hand-pointer” if I hover the images, but I can see the more info card if I hover it.

The states seems to be working without any issues on the floorplan.

You have to create entities in inkscape with the same name used in the floorplan. The problem is in your svg file.

and look at your customize.yaml and floorplan.css file, there u have to collect all your entities


custom_ui_state_card: state-card-floorplan
name: Floorplan
image: /local/custom_ui/floorplan/floorplan.svg
stylesheet: /local/custom_ui/floorplan/floorplan.css
- name: Switches
- switch.licht_1
- switch.licht_2
- switch.licht_3
- switch.licht_4
- switch.licht_5
- switch.licht_6
- switch.licht_7
- switch.licht_15
- switch.funk_1
- switch.funk_6
- switch.funk_7
- switch.funk_8
- switch.funk_5
- switch.funk_3
- switch.funk_2
- switch.licht_15
- switch.sonoff_1_relay
- switch.sonoff_3_relay
- switch.sonoff_2_relay
- switch.sonoff_6_relay
- switch.sonoff_10_relay
- switch.sonoff_18_relay
- light.gateway_light_7811dce1c600
- switch.fibaro_system_fgs212_switch_3kw_switch
- state: ‘on’
class: light-on
- state: ‘off’
class: light-off
domain: homeassistant
service: toggle
/* SVG shapes */

svg, svg * {
  vector-effect: non-scaling-stroke !important;
  pointer-events: all !important;

.light-off {
  fill: rgba(252, 210, 42, 0.3) !important;

.light-on {
  fill: #fcd22a !important;

and i not sure about that, but with the new Lovelace ui i have to place every file in the folder www that they get picked up by HA when using the picture-element thing…

so i hope, some advices point in the right direction for u=)

Hi, hoping someone can help… I have an inkscape produces svg floorplan, with object id’s mapped to home assistant ID’s. If i toggle the status of the devices, i can see floor plan re-acting as expected. However, when i click on the floor plan, nothing happens… I have added actions for each entity but nothing… any help will be greatly appreciated

did you ever get this resolved?