Floorplan - copied files, but do not know how to start

I’m using “Hass.io”, copied all the files according this instruction.


But I do not know how I can see the ‘floorplan’ card…
I already have my home ‘.svg’ file.

Shoud I add this below code to ‘configuration.yaml’ to appear the card?..


  • type: module
    url: /local/floorplan/floorplan-card.js?v=1.1.14

Is that some secret knowledge?
Nobody can advice how to start with that…?

No, that goes in your Lovelace. If you’re using the Frontend editor, “configure UI” then hit the 3 dot menu again and get the “raw editor”

O.K. Thank you for answer…
Added that to the ‘frond end’ editor, saved, checked configuration…
Then restarted.
But what next?

Not necessary at all for Lovelace

Follow the directions. It seems they give you a configuration example right there…

Yes, I’ve followed that instruction. Created entires, etc,… See screen.
But have not idea how the ‘home plan’ will appear on my screen.

?? You specify the image right there in the config. You need the “cards” to be in the views…

What that exactly mean? I have a file ‘my floorplan.svg’ and I should put the name instead ‘simple.svg’?

  - cards:
      - config:
          image: /local/floorplan/examples/simple/simple.svg?v=1.1.14
            - entities:
                - binary_sensor.main_bedroom
                - binary_sensor.living_area
                - binary_sensor.double_garage
                - class: binary-sensor-off
                  state: 'off'
                - class: binary-sensor-on
                  state: 'on'
          stylesheet: /local/floorplan/examples/simple/simple.css?v=1.1.14
        title: Simple Floorplan
        type: 'custom:floorplan-card'
    icon: 'mdi:floor-plan'
    id: system
    title: Floorplan
    type: module
    url: /local/floorplan/floorplan-card.js?v=1.1.14

It means you are pointing it to the examples svg…and not your own.

I guess if you wanted to see your image, you should put your image in there?

Also, in your previous screenshot, you had your cards configured at the “root” of the lovelace, and not in a view…so you need to be inside your “views” with your floorplan

O.K. Played with that - something appeared…
Can be the ‘dwg’ bigger?

Try panel mode?