Floorplan, Cover Toggle, One Click, Execute Script, Wifi Factor Liftmaster Controlled

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I have a Garage Cover I’m trying to use with my floorplan, My issue is, when I looked for service, cover_toggle, it didn’t exist. so then I googled around and found a script.

- service_template: >
{% if is_state(‘cover.garage_door_opener’, ‘open’) %}
{% else %}
{% endif %}
entity_id: cover.garage_door_opener

Now everything looks great, except one issue. when I click on my door in the floorplan to open / close, it opens one more window for me to select “execute”, how can I simplify it and just click the door once?

I found one soultion,

I linked it direct to the door, instead of using the script and or service cover.open_cover, or the more complicated script I was using, now its linked directly to the door entity

in my case

now it list the up and down arrow’s as well as the history of the cover. which is better by far then the script.

if anyone finds a way to just click the .svg pic. and have the cover toggle, let me know!