Floorplan garagedoor check before light image?

Hi! Need a bit of help here:
Im making a floorplan with the garagedoor included. Ive managed to change images(floorplan) based on the binary sensor, so if garagedoor is closed that shows in floorplan and if the garagedoor is open it changes the image to an open garage.
My question is, is there any way to double check states before overlaying images of lights on/off.
For example if the garadoor is open and i turn on my kitchen lights, i want floorplan to show the image of kitchen lights on and the garadoor open at the same time. And not show kitchen lights on but garagedoor shut(unless it is shut ofc).


It sounds like maybe you have full images of your floorplan for the ON images. If so those images should actually just cover the area in question. That is, the kitchen lights on image should only be just an image of the kitchen and the garage door open should just be an image of the door (that is, either cropped or transparent all around it). Thus when the states of those entities change the image in that area changes but does not interfere with the images anywhere else in your floorplan. In this way you can have any combination of things on/off, open or shut.