Floorplan ideas?


The lovelace UI is perfect for a per-room basis but I’m still fleshing out a mobile-friendly floorplan view where I can show a quick look of the combined states of light groups, sensors etc.

Someday this might be able to become small notification images that I can display along with TTS for warnings like “the airconditioner is on but the [office window] is open”.

Still just a wireframe / interactive mockup at this point, anyone have ideas on what’s missing ?

code here : https://codepen.io/andyfitz/pen/JxWrNY


That’s impressive ! How do you plan to integrate it ?

Maybe color-code the sensors based on their value, so it’s easier to read ?

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Yep the code is set up for that. All icons are styled with currentcolor in CSS so it’ll just be matter of adding the colour attribute to each entity on any set rules.

I’m debating showing all lights in a room as smaller circles and maybe doing a green perimeter line on both floors when all windows/doors are shut.

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Any update with this?

this looks amazing! any integration done in HA?