Floorplan not loading - Wheel is running forever


I tried to setup the floorplan as described on the GitHub repo, but instead of my floorplan I’m getting just the loading wheel instead of the floorplan :frowning:

This is my floorplan.yaml: https://gist.github.com/tringler/264e529a781a7de80bc7e4af1bccd070

The error is showing up with custom_panel config and with group/dummy_entity config. I cannot see any error/warning in the HA log.

Any idea where I can start to troubleshoot?

Getting your indentation correct would be a good start :stuck_out_tongue: (it’s 2 spaces) Usually the problems stem from the files not being in the correct dir’s or the frontend js latest not being set or incorrect entity_id’s - for some debug add warning: to the fp.yaml file. Also use chrome and clear the cache and restart chrome also ctrl-f5 can help. See how you go and report back :slight_smile:

Thanks! Working now! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the value from i.e sensor.kitchen_climate_temperature is not updated.

warning: in floorplan.yaml is enabled, but no error is shown.
sensor.kitchen_climate_temperature is configured in floorplan.yaml and as Id the .svg

The template {{ states.sensor.kitchen_climate_temperature.state }} give me the right value.

Did I miss something?


So the light works but temp and hum is not displayed?

Sorry - It is resolved. My edited version of floorplan.yaml was on a wrong path, so it loaded the github version all the time.