Floorplan Picture Elements moving


I thought I’d have a play with doing a floor plan using the picture elements card and have run into an issue.

The idea is to have the card in panel mode so its fullscreen effectively.

I can set it all up fine (I’ve only done one room to start with) like in the image below.

…But once i click save and view my panel in lovelace, all the elements have moved. see image below.

Am I missing something? I thought the positioning was a percentage of the photo so regardless of screen resolution, the positioning would be the same.

Any help would be appreciated.

Looks like maybe this is a bug when using the panel mode for a screen. If you resize the browser, do the elements continue to move around? I am guessing that in panel mode, they end up relative to the window and not the picture.

Yes indeed they do move around when resizing the screen.