Floorplan.svg semi-fuctions

I’m having trouble getting my floorplan.svg to function. Only 2 of my items ever show up clickable.

The steps I’ve followed: install per pzokuls instructions, and the floorplan image shows up fine. Edit floorplan.yaml to add my lights, media player and wemo switch. Edit pzokuls image, editing the id’s to use my items. light.piano_lamp and sensor.dark_sky_temp work, but the rest don’t. Try creating my own svg, again per pzokuls instructions, and again only piano_lamp and temperature work. I’ve tried using multiple floorplan.svg from other users examples and each time only the two items work. Can somebody check my github and offer any advice.

Idea: Indenting floorplan.yaml different ways. The examples are not uniform but I’ve settled on 2 spaces.

Solved it, wiped my configuration.yaml to bare bones and now everything works. Not sure why yet, will tinker later.