Floorplan tablet options

Hi all

I was wondering what tablet is everyone using for their floorplan? And what are the advantages, disadvantages and the price you paid for the tablet?

Thanks for sharing.

I run a Nexus 7 (2013) because I have a couple of them lying around the house already. I experimented with a Fire 7, but Android is locked down too much to achieve all of the features/functions of running Fully Kiosk.

If I were to buy one today, I think I would consider the Lenovo Tab 4 (https://amzn.to/2HKaHkQ), there is an 8" or 10" version and root is possible with TWRP (meaning you should be able to gain full control of the device through any necessary apps).

I can’t wait for oled to become more mainstream and hit the tablet market (no more backlit black).

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I use 2 Fire 7" mostly because of the deal I had gotten on them. I keep both with on the Floorplan via FullyKiosk with IPWebcam running in the background. If/When I upgrade, I would prefer 10" tablets as it is difficult to select items with the given resolution and floorplan image I have. I could redesign my floorplan I’m sure, but mine is simple & straight-forward (imho) and suits my needs otherwise. A few extra inches of display would make it easier to select.

10inches is what I am thinking of getting. Thanks

I picked up some used Galaxy tab S 10.5 inches

hi res AMOLED screens, look really nice and they can be had fairly cheap if you keep and eye on ebay

I picked up one for (AU) $120 and another in a bit better condition for $180. These will be mounted to wall with magnets so can be removed easily and used for other tasks not just HA.

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