Floorplan View, Wide vs Tall Aspect-Ratio by Viewer

I need to rotate a View 90 or 270 degrees for certain viewing devices (phones…), but not for desktop/laptop/kiosk devices.

My Floorplan with about 75 overlaid picture-elements works fine on wide-short or nearly square aspect-ratio devices, but stays in portrait mode (tall-narrow) on my phone (android, chrome browser), crushing the Floorplan unusably into the top third of the display. Notwithstanding, I’ve managed to handle the scaling of all the elements, they’re just too small.

I’ll build a separate dashboard for the phone using the same View if that’s a solution, but hopefully not a new View – there are too many lovingly placed picture-elements with newton-method derived (x,y) coordinates to recreate based on now a rotated base image.

So, can I rotate the View by 90* by viewing device, or even by user? That would do it. Feature Request?