Floorplan yaml for each floor

Right now in my system I have 45 switches spread over 3 levels. can I have a yaml for each floor? I’m just trying to minimize the # of lines in my yaml, trying to keep it organized and unfortunately comments get removed.

This is really a HA question. I use storage mode with #includes so I think it should work

i have no idea what storage mode even means. is there an example you can point me towards?

Actually I mis-typed. You are using storage mode I am using YAML mode. You can either build your dashboards via the UI or directly in YAML files. When building via the UI that is known as storage mode. It appears in storage mode you can’t split it up Using !include in lovelace dashboard storage mode?

When using YAML mode you can do this:

  - panel: true
      - type: map
          - person.nat
          - person.mat
          - person.kat
          - zone.home
        hours_to_show: 3
    visible: false
    icon: 'mdi:map-search'
    id: maptest
    title: Map

  - !include dashboard/lights.yaml
  - !include dashboard/bedrooms-main.yaml
  - !include dashboard/house.yaml
  - !include dashboard/sprinklers.yaml