Floureon / Beok (and other Broadlink based) thermostat component

Hello, I have a Floureon BYC17GH3 Lcd that could work remotely until a year ago. Now it only works as a manual room thermostat. It turns the boiler on and off but not remotely. I can’t add the device to the we back application. Do you have a solution maybe some new app because I think it’s up to it. Most complain and many won’t work, they have the same problem. Thanks.


hi everyone,
i am using this component for some months ago, and works almost perfeclty for me.
i have only one strange issue, and i cant find the solution till now: my beok 313 sometimes “looses” the correct time setting and displays one hour later time as the real time is. i think it must be some timezone setting, and i can solve it only temporar an manually (with the buttons or sync it from my phone in the original software).
are there any solution?
many thanks!

Does your home assistant/server have proper time/timezone?

yes, that was the first thing what i have checked. UPDATE: the issue is occurring after every HA restart. i live in hungary and the valid timezone here is the UTC+1. the thermostat display shows 1 hour earlier time (only now, in the sommer it was UTC+2 becaus of the daylight saving), so always the UTC time, till i refresh it with the original BEOK phone APP.

Do you using docker for HA by any chance? Maybe docker container does not have set proper timezone with TZ= variable? Sounds like component is rewriting time in your thermostat. If you are sure that your server set up properly, I could add property to configuration to bypass time setting, but I’ve noticed that thermostat clock starts fluctuating time to time.

Sorry if I am not writing in the right place. But could someone help me with wiring, i have boek thermostat and vaillant boiler. I integrated with HA, but do not understand how to connect with boiler

yes you are right. im using synology NAS with docker, thanks for your tip i found something: Different Timezone in Docker and Container - #2 by Burningstone
the sympthom is the same :frowning:

Can someone tell me what does “lock/unlock current thermostat” ? It doesn’t block screen, neither block change temperature and any other settings from phone, what it does?

I have battery powered thermostat Saswell SAS908XWHB-7 (Water Boiler Floor Heating Thermostat SAS908XWHB-7 manufacturer,China Water Boiler Floor Heating Thermostat SAS908XWHB-7) and I need to replace this dumb thermostat with smart solution.
Thermostat use two wires from gas boiler.
First is connected to COM and second is connected to NO. NC contact is not wired.

Very good days I have a beok 311 integrated that works. The problem is that I can’t simultaneously make the smartir integration work to add a generic aacc thermostat. Any help will be welcome.

ciao a tutti,io sono riuscito ad integrare un termostato beok 313 su HA eliminando l’indirizzo MAC ADRESS del codice,pero la mia domanda è: come posso integrare più termostati beok 313?
ne ho uno per la zona giorno che funziona benissimo,uno nella zona notte e uno nel bagno,ma non riesco a far vedere a HA se non uno solo,come posso fare?
Grazie mille a chi mi aiuta


Anyone managed to mod this integration to allow COOLING mode in the thermostat? I want to control my ceiling cooling function with the same thermostats in my home. (heating etc works fine for me)

Is there something different regarding cooling mode? This could be nice addition to this integration.

I use the Computherm E280 FC (Hungarian copy of the Fluoreon), in the mobile APP for the thermostat the function (FUN in the app, Operation in Home Assistant) can be set to COOL. It works the same as Heating, just the HA integration can not set or sense the state. It remains in HA in heating mode despite the thermostat is in Cooling. Its good to use with heat pumps that can cool the room during summer, so basically the thermostat becomes and AC sensor controller.
In the manual (unfortunately I only found the Hungarian language one) FUN: 00 - heating (factory setting), 01 - Cooling, 02 - ventillation (apparently it can do that as well).

Also this thermostat registers the current temperature in decimals (not in .0 or .5) but transfers to HA only in half degrees, is it possible to change it?

I see. Looks like not too much hassle to add this funtionality. I could add more logging to the component, so you could then provide me with thermostat data logs. Can we do that?

Also, does thermostat has cooling mode only, or does it have heating / cooling mode?

Hi everyone, i need add more than one thermostates. But always add only one of them, which is last of list in climate section of configuration.yaml. It’s a my configuration.yaml climate section:

platform: floureon
name: t1
use_external_temp: false
unique_id: 1
platform: floureon
name: t2
use_external_temp: false
unique_id: 2

t2 add, t1 not unavaible in HA. if change t2 first of list, t1 ok but t2 not unavaible.

You only need to change “platform” to “- platform”, then indent all the following “name”, “host” , “use_external_temp” and “unique_id” with two spaces.

I’m trying to set up my Computherm E400RF thermostat.

When my config is:

- platform: floureon
  name: Thermostat
  mac: 24:DF:A7:87:82:A4
  turn_off_mode: turn_off
  turn_on_mode: max_temp
  use_external_temp: false

I get this error when checking my config:
Invalid config for ‘floureon’ from integration ‘switch’ at global/heating/thermostat/thermostat.yaml, line 3: ‘mac’ is an invalid option for ‘switch.floureon’, check: mac

When I leave out the mac, it gives no error, after a restart I can see the switch, but creating a switch button in lovelace and pressing it doesn’t do anything.

Edit: I found an issue on github, where it is mentioned that the mac: is depreciated. It is not mentioned in the readme.md.

My question would be still: how should I test if my config works? Should my button method work?

Hi all, I have some Floureon C17 WiFi thermostats for many years, remotely conreolled with WeBack app. Last month this app disconnect all my themrostats and there is no possibility to reconnect them again correctly. Pairing is OK, but then all thermostats look offline. It look like WeBack app or servers stop working. Do you have some solution?