Floureon / Beok (and other Broadlink based) thermostat component


If you have Floureon or Beok or other broadlink based wifi thermostat - here is a component for it. I don’t have a list of supported models, but if you have thermostat (or mobile app which controls it) like in picture below, this component might work:

You can install this component from HACS repository and configuring your climate component as follows:

  platform: floureon
  name: livingroom_floor
  mac: 78:0f:77:00:00:00
  use_external_temp: false

More about component and docs are here:
Floureon Home Asssitant component


I set up with the switch options and it works perfect with my Beok BOT-313 WiFi thermostat (https://amzn.to/2ry3W2P).


Good to hear!

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seems interesting.
just a question: I see there’s a “use_external_temp” boolean parameter
other than setting it to true, what do I need to use an external temp sensor?

You mean you want to use thermostat’s temperature senor just as a sensor alone? I’m afraid that is not yet possible, altough I’m working on separate sensor component. Meanwhile you can use climate component and template sensor to extract sensors attribute value from climate component.

this one :slight_smile:
thank you for your answer

I’m gonna update my component in a few days, maybe next week with sensor component.

Have anyone used this thermostat and know how to hook up it to home assistant?

This one uses different chip, so it won’t work with this component.

Hi friend, very good jod, it works for me. How can can i use toggle for switch on or off state?


if i use the component and set it on my Home Assistant, can i still use the internal programmed schedule or not? Do i have to set it again in HA?

Yes, you can. Setting temperature on Home Assistant will put thermostat to Manual mode with the temperature you set. You can go back to auto (scheduled) mode from Home Assistant or by clicking mode button on thermostat.

Hi, I’m glad you got it working. Could you, please, elaborate, what you’re trying to achieve?

Hi. I’ve tried to install this component with this thermostat: https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07NS5YRLF/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_i_6ihaEbFQA05CF
I’ve used this code:

  platform: floureon
  name: salotto_therm
  mac: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
  use_external_temp: false

Entity was create, but when I used in HA it’s empty…no temperature or state information.

Thanks in advanced.

It seems that this thermostat is not compatible with this component.

Really? I bought it thinking it si a decdeal clone.
I will try to use tuya component. It should working.
Thanks for your answer!

Hi i’ve use this code:

    - platform: floureon
      name: ZonaNotte
      mac: 44:ee:33:77:00:11
      turn_off_mode: turn_off
      turn_on_mode: 24.5

When i try to power on with switch i’ve error:

I suppose the power on method not work and lock the beok

Does it have external temp sensor?

No,I doesn’t have external sensor. I use see and use only “room temp”

Ok, then you must set
use_external_temp: false
in your config as powering on / powering off involves
temperature sensor setup.