Flow feedback zwave scenes

I am just starting in Node Red and thanks to these forums was able to get my first few things done. This is an example zwave scene i am grabbing from a HSWD-200 switch I wanted to get some feedback on how others are dealing with grouping of lights and the vast tie in from other areas in the flow. Feedback appreciated.



I’m doing something similar for my scenes. In this case, I have a MiniMote with buttons.

You’ll notice on the left that the MiniMote is a link which comes from a different flow. I have a flow for Z-Wave that checks for Z-Wave events and dispatches the events to different flows. I have 2 MiniMotes and 4 Leviton controllers that receives events and then sends them off.

I use links so that I only have 1 node that fires off the command in case something changes, I want to only update 1 node. For instance, I have a link (in another flow) that goes to “Turn on front lights”. This node then tells 2 Z-Wave devices to turn on; I don’t have to sprinkle the 2 nodes to turn on everywhere I want to turn on the front lights.

(Some of the Leviton controllers don’t have actions for the buttons as they are set using Z-Wave associations for faster response.)

For you. I’d have the 2x Tap goto a link and then have the link dispatches all the lights in case you want the same action somewhere else. This is a personal preference, of course.

How are you determining what device? So I am using WS200+ for scenes today, but have a minimote I haven’t moved from ST yet. Do you build a list of all devices and then link them as appropriate? or is there an easy way to identify one vs the other? I don’t see any indication in the payload. So my guess is in “check for controller” you are just matching a list of names to route?

There is an entity_id in the payload.

and the node that feeds this is:


ok yup that is how I am looking them up. Good thought on the linking. I need to work some on structure as flows are getting big.

It is quite easy to build large flows! I basically have a flow for each room and then a few general ones. I have something like 50 Z-Wave devices as well as a bunch of other things that I control. I pity anyone trying to figure out what I’ve done :grinning: