Flow Handler (Config Flow) for integrations - after initial setup, how to allow for updates?

This is something that I’ve had issues with for many integrations – I configure the integration, things are great, but then say I need to tweak a configuration option such as a password or endpoint, integrations don’t allow for updating the configuration via the UI that was initially entered in the UI.

I’m creating a custom integration that has a UI flow for configuring it. It will take a username, password, address, and a port. This all works great. If you go back to the integration page in HA and click “configure” under the integration, what’s the process for updating the configuration?

Looking at the docs Data Entry Flow | Home Assistant Developer Docs I don’t see any methods to update configuration. Is this not supported or am I missing something?

Here’s an example of a random integration for Denon AVRs…
Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 1.11.42 PM

Notice there’s no way to change the IP address of the AVR that I initially entered when adding the integration via the UI.