Flow not executed on Raspberry PI4

I imported the nodes from https://github.com/pokiiio/node-red-contrib-rpi-shutdown and created following flow to restart Raspberry PI4 every day at 05:30

However, no restart is happening. Anyone an idea what is missing?

You don’t have anything to start the flow, try node-red-contrib-cronplus node, and schedule it to inject at 05:30. There are other ways, such as a time node from homeassistant.

Where can I find node-red-contrib-cronplus? I tried on github and nodered.org

There was a hyphen in name that didn’t show on my node, this is it.

It works fine now. Thanks a lot!

Glad to help, please mark it as a solution if it helped you solve it.

you can’t mark a solution in the nodered portion of the forum. Why you ask, cause they don’t like us. /s

I made a feature request, there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to mark solutions.

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