FlowerBud Smart Diffuser

Has anyone implemented this product in home assistant?
It is compatible with apple homekit, google and amazon alexa.


If it’s compatible with HomeKit, can’t you use the HomeKit component?

i think no in home assistant

You can use the homekit_contoller integration to add support for the Vocolink FlowerBud Smart Diffuser, but it will only forward the devices light into Home Assistant. The diffuser presents itself to HomeKit as a humidifier, and the homekit_controller integration does not currently support humidifier device types. Unfortunate. There’s not currently a way that I know of to get the diffuser portion of the device into Home Assistant at all. Best bet is either a dedicated vocolink integration being developed, or an update to the homekit_controller integration.

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Samuel is correct. I just obtained one of these, and I have it integrated with HA via the homekit_controller. Only the light is shown as an entity. Hopefully humidifiers will be added to HA at some point soon via the HK_controller. I doubt anyone will go about a VocoLinc integration simply because of the proprietary WiFi stuff going on in it. The best bet is humidifiers added to the HK support in HA.

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You could use it with alexa routines. Call an alexa routine within HA.

Hello, I feel bad English.
Someone made progress with this. I don’t know how to remove it from homekit to use it only with home assistant.

Thank you.

Any progress? I’m solving the same problem

Still no progress huh? It’s weird that this is probably the only gear I can’t integrate with HA (this plus an old Xiaomi camera).

It can be integrated as a homekit accessory and appears as a light and humidifier.

Ah, great! Thanks! Works!

The humidifier entity isn’t exposed to Alexa (the mood light is), it’s not in the list of entities for exposing, is that a known thing? I have both working in both Home app and HA, but I’d like to be able to control the humidifier with Alexa too.

How ere you able to get HA to see it ? do you need to unpair form HK first?

I don’t recall and I forgot how to do that, I myself need to re-add it to HA now and don’t know how.

Hi, I can’t re-add the Mistflow after I had to reset it. Any idea how to do that? I had it working before, maybe something changed in either Vocolinc app, Homekit or HA. Thanks.

For posterity: to add the Vocolinc:

  1. add it to Homekit or Vocolinc app as per official instructions
  2. then, remove both the Humidifier and the Mood light from Homekit in the Home app (“Remove accessory”)
  3. Only then it appears in HA in discovered Integrations. If it doesn’t, restart HA.

Can U then Re-add to HK?

You then add it back to HK via the homekit integration (or hk controller integration?)