FLUME Water Monitor Integration not working after IP change

I have a FLUME water monitor. The integration was initially working until I moved home assistant to a new VLAN with new IP. This required me to also re-associate the FLUME bridge with the new IP range and for reasons that are beyond me this broke the relationship with home assistant. So I am deleting the integration, home assistant “discovers” it and when I try to configure it, I keep getting an error “Failed to connect”. With a PC on the same VLAN, I am able to browse the internet and connect to FLUME’s web portal.

I even run docker logs -f homeassistant to watch for any tidbits of info there but nada. Searching on it, I find past issues from couple years back here and there.

any suggestions?
is there any command line tool I can run to verify it’s not a connection issue?

ok, after some poking around I figured out that my new VLAN IP range was conflicting with auto-generated internal networks docker was creating. So the fix was to edit /etc/docker/daemon.json and put the following settings at the end of the file:


because my VLAN was using 172.16.x,y addresses (same that docker defaults too).