Flux - Allow color mode to be set per light (or set color via light.turn_on service)

I have a couple bulbs (Sengled Candelabras) that need to be on mired instead of xy or rgb. (This is because they don’t reach full brightness at rgb or xy color modes in flux. Full brightness being determined by setting the equivalent Kelvin through light.turn_on. Also of note I’m talking about literal brightness here because it says 100% either way.)

Unfortunately I don’t like the look of the color when using mired on my other bulbs (lifx). This is a bit frustrating as I have to basically set up flux twice and then create a switch group to rule them both. Seems like it would be much better if I could override the color mode for specific lights or groups of lights rather than loading flux up twice.

An alternative, and this is based on a hunch on how flux behaves because I haven’t dug into the source code yet, would be to use the light.turn_on service to set color instead. To my eye it does not appear that this is the method being used (as the set color never appears on the bright white - warm white spectrum).