Flux Light service name change?


I’m new to home automation, so I’m not sure if this is an actualy documentation bug or not:

I want to trigger the Flux Light Adjustment switch through an Automation, but when I use this service:

service: switch.flux_update

IT says that the service switch/flux_update is not found. However this seems to work.

service: switch.fluxer_update

Here is my config file:

  platform: flux
    - light.bedroom
  name: Fluxer
  start_time: '7:00'
  stop_time: '23:00'
  start_colortemp: 4800
  sunset_colortemp: 2700
  stop_colortemp: 2450
  brightness: 255
  mode: mired

# automation rules
  alias: Flux Every 30 Min
  initial_state: True
  hide_entity: False
    platform: time
    minutes: 30
    seconds: 0

    condition: and
      - condition: state
        entity_id: light.bedroom
        state: 'on'
      - condition: time
        before: '21:00:00'
        after: '07:00:00'
    service: switch.fluxer_update

I’m, using Home assistant 0.35

The service name is generated based on the name of the switch: name + '_update'

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Edit: You can also find a list of all your services here: your_ip:8123/dev-service

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