FM Transmitter

According to various manuals, it seems to be pretty easy to create a FM transmitter with a raspberry (example:

Even it might be illegal to run such a transmitter in some countries (especially in some European due to the range/power), did anyone ever try to make use of this in HA?

I think this would be a nice solution to reuse old radios for music streaming / voice outputs.

Even though, especially when using for voice output, you need to consider the fact that this can be heard by anyone in range.

How beautifully 1980s.

I must say I don’t think I have a radio in the house. I stream all my “radio”.

One problem with whole house audio is synchonisation, this wouldn’t be a problem with fm.

Also a good way to get your own music into an older car audio system. Pi in the boot with a hard drive full of audio.

Seems like this could be super useful for those building fancy holiday light displays with Xlights and the like.

Snapcast would help with syncronization of hole house audio.

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I have lms so no issue whatsover with synchonisation myself.