Folder recursive input_select possible?


Not sure if I named it correctly, but I would like to create an input select to select mp3 files, which I organized in this folder configuration:


would it be possible to have a folder selector first select the correct folder, and following that, have the next input_select show me the options (mp3 files) in that folder? Of course I can make these input_select for each folder. Its the presentation of the appropriate options I am not sure about

I then like to play these files, so I should be able to use the final step in a script like this:

    alias: Sound bite
      - service: media_player.play_media
          entity_id: >
          media_content_id: >
          media_content_type: 'music'

template sensor for the mp3 file:

        friendly_name: Sound bite
        value_template: >
            {% set state = states('input_select.sound_bite') %}
            {% set url = states('input_text.base_url') %}
            {% set path = '/local/sounds/sound_bites/'%}
            {% set sound_bite = state|lower|replace(' ','_') %}
            {% set ext = '.mp3' %}

Id probably need some kind of first input_select.sound_folder and use that for the following steps.

       {% set option = input_select.sound_folder %}
       {% if option == 'Family' %}{{ states('input_select.sounds_family') }}
       {% elif option == 'Music' %}{{ states('input_select.sounds_music') }}
       {% elif option == 'Nature' %}{{ states('input_select.sounds_nature') }}
# etcetcetc
       {% endif %}

or use that for an automation with input_select.select_option?

Please have a look with me, thanks!