Folders empty raspbian

Hi ,
I am new to raspberry pi, please guide me in setting up this properly.
I have setup the hassbian and it is working properly , i want to edit the config file but problem is i can see all the files and folder in raspberry pi through konsole but when i am exploring the folders through my windows 10 laptop no folder are seen.
Raspberry pi is seen in the network manager but after entering into it there is no folders.

As of now i can edit the config file from the terminal but doing the same from the pc will be so much easy.

Please let me know if i am missing something.

Santosh Das

I don’t recall if hassbian has a share setup by default.

That is a quick guide to get one going.

Bruh automation also has a good video on YouTube which is where I started my write up from. His file paths are a bit out of date now though.

hey thanks ,
i figured out the issue and now it is solved .