Font lost right pixel column or two in HA terminal UI

After thrashing around for several days trying to get a grip on HA, I just today got to the point of getting the UI on the terminal. It is almost illegible in that the right-hand column or two of pixels are missing in the terminal. The rest of the HA connect page is fine as is everything else on the menu. My system is HA OS on RPi 4 / 8G connected now by SSH to my desktop, a NUC running Ubuntu Cinnimon 20.04.

What can I do to correct this? BTW, thrashing is descriptive and I may have overlooked/misssed/trashed some setup.

I tried using nano to see if it could write clearly: it shows the same problem, with this noted - each character is formed correctly as it is written but when the cursor leaves that character, the right edge is overwritten as if the following character is spaced too closely. Further, the text written by nano itself, i.e. ‘Save modified buffer?’ does not have the problem, only what I wrote before closing nano.

Also, the UI is that is written at boot to a screen tied directly to the RPi does not show the problem. It seems that there must be something in the link from HA to my desktop that is stealing part of the character.

Does this suggest anything to someone?

Not sure this is the cause but I have experienced similar things with other programs
If your screen is a high resolution one, then Windows sometimes set a zoom value above 100% automatically on first connect and 125% or 150% zoom can cause issues for programs not prepared for it.
Right-click on your desktop and choose personalized settings and play with the zoom there
If that is the cause then you need to look for another progrm to connect with.
I use Putty myself

Wally, that helps a lot. While changing the screen resolution does nothing for what is on the screen, changing the scale from 100% to 125% clears it up nicely at some cost in screen real-estate.

My screen resolution is 1920x1080, which is pretty normal these days. You suggest that this problem at 100% scale could be in the version of Putty (release 0.73) that I’m using? I’ll see if I can find another or,maybe try compiling on my system? Scary. Suggestions welcome.

Thanks for your help.

Come to think, I’m not sure that Putty is even involved; when I try to connect with Putty to the address of homeassistant, it is refused. I’m connecting through Firefox to that address. Hmm. I’ll try Chrome.

Putty is a terminal for SSH, serial connection and other connections.
If you use the web SSH and terminal addon, then your terminal is the ha add-on and that is where the issue is.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials can break the font, mentioned in a reply in this thread: Change SSH Terminal Font

Disabling DuckDuckGo protections for the HomeAssistant site only is enough to restore the fonts.