Fontawesome icons?

I’ve placed the three files (hass-fontawesome-solid.html, hass-fontawesome-regular.html and hass-fontawesome-brands.html) into the www folder and added the realtive code in the frontend section, but no icons displayed on my page.

The code on my customize.yaml is

  # icon: mdi:water-pe`Preformatted text`rcent
  icon: fas:sign

And this is my configuration.yaml:

  themes: !include_dir_merge_named themes
    - /local/hass-fontawesome-solid.html
    - /local/hass-fontawesome-regular.html
    - /local/hass-fontawesome-brands.html  

Why the Fontawesome isn’t showed yet?

Same issue in version 0.87.0b2

I have the same problem. I updated to 0.88.2, then integrated them, and they was working well for one week. After that they stopped working with no config changes. Actually no changes at all. :confused:

From 0.89.2 it’s working for me!