Fontend on synology : no menu

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Hi there,
I finally got homeassistant running on my DS216j.
I’ve got some issues installing netifaces so I disabled ‘discovery:’ into configuration.yaml. Which is in fact fine with me, I dont’ really like the option of auto-discovering things I prefer to do it manually.

Anyway, doing so it seems that the menu bar do not appear on the frontend (so I cannot add addons, etc…). I only have the right menu bar active (found some entries in the forums about this).
People running home assistant on Pi just have to add ‘hassio:’ entry into their configuration.yaml file.
Which seems to be not working on Synology…

Any idea of what I should do to get the meanu appearing ?

So you are running home assistant, not hassio.

Because you are not running HASSIO

Only if they are running HASSIO.

You should read the difference between hassio and home assistant.


THank you for your answer.
I do understand that I’m not running hassio. I was just trying to get the menu appearing.
Do you know how I can get the menu to appear ?

You can’t get a hassio menu without running hassio.

OK much clear !
So if I understand well, building a dashboard, adding devices, etc… must be in my case done entirely manually writting yaml files ?

It’s that way whether you install hassio or regular home assistant. There is no functional difference in that respect.

HASSIO adds some features called ‘Add-ons’ which are nothing more than preconfigured docker containers, that add functionality (like SSL, DuckDNS, a browser IDE, etc). The entire configuration of home assistant still relies on yaml files.

You should get a default frontend displayed at YOUR_HA_MACHINE_IP:8123 as soon as you complete the base installation.

Everything else relies on installing different components through discovery or manual configuration.

Hi finity,

Yes thanks!
I just tought that I icould build my panel graphically like HABPanel with openHAB.
It seems that I can’t do that when HA is installed directly on a Synology NAS (without docker)…

You can’t do that using docker or Hassio either.

Any way you install HA (at the current time…) will require you to textually configure most things. there are a few things that are available to configure thru a GUI (i.e. automations & entity_registry) but IMHO they are difficult to use.

Maybe as those things become more mature it will get better but for now just plan on configuring things manually.

The only real benefit of Hassio is the ability to add some pre-built containers thru the UI. But you can do all of those things yourself and you don’t then inherit the downsides of using Hassio as well.