For Trusted Networks, is there a way to auto login as a specific user on a tablet?

I have a Samsung tablet that we throw around the living room to control things and do quick lookups or whatever. It’s non-user specific in terms of Chrome and other logons, etc. Just a generic terminal so to speak. I guess it would be similar to having a tablet on the wall for HA control.

Anyway, with trusted networks, it’s easy to skip needing a password, but I’m trying to figure out how to fire up HA and login with a specific user (generic tablet access user) without needing to select that user from the HA logon page, and without confusing a user with that initial trusted networks prompt.

Is this possible without turning on the ability to globally allow logon bypass?

Thanks guys!

Can you just setup a user for the tablet then log it in and select “remember login”

Once logged in you shouldnt need to log back in unless your clearing browser cache every exit or not using app

Else you have to set static IP for tablet and use trusted networks. You can define a single IP and not an entire range of desired.

There is an android app you an use, create a user and login into the app with that user. With added advantage you can adjust what tab is visible to that particular user instead of allow admin controls to all your HA