Force closing Netatmo valves after desired temp was reached

I have a problem with Netatmo valves and am wondering if I can solve it with HA. I’ve tried resolving it with Netatmo support, but those attempts failed.

All my radiators are equipped with Netatmo valves, connected with the relay to my boiler which runs on heater oil. So far so good. My warm water reservoir is also connected with the boiler. This is where the problem starts. When the warm water reservoir turns on the boiler (i.e. if temp is below a certain threshold), the hot water also runs through radiators which are still open (even if already above set temperature). This is because the radiator valves do not close when all rooms/valves have reached the desired temp, to save battery. In my setup this is a huge problem, causing random rooms to heat up a lot higher then requested, on random times.

Now my actual question : Can I somehow force/control valves to close after desired/set temp was reached?

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That’s tricky IMO, because when you set the valves to their minimum temperature (the closest to turning them off) you would you the maintain the desired room temperature?

I would only need to do that a short time, so it forces the close of the valve(s) in a room (or trick it into closing them). Then setting it back to normal.

Not sure if my issue is totally clear, if not let me know.

I see this property in GET /homestatus :

description:"whether a device is currently anticipating or not"

Not sure what this means.

You can probably set up an automation that fires when the target temperature is reached and put the valve on min for a certain amount of time.

Worth a try. Shame there is no opened/closed status available for a valve.

I’ll make a new thread to see if anyone knows what the “anticipating” property means.

Thanks @cgtobi

Hi, Did you find a solution to close the valves?