Force generation of missing sensors for device already onboarded with mobile app?

Using this great app with two Pixel 3s (both uniquely named) for HA 0.105.3 in Python 3.7 venv Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

I had an outage yesterday morning after a reboot of my HA host failed, meaning that HA was offline all day.

I got HA up and running again in the evening with no issues, however when the two mobile devices reconnected only one set of sensor.battery_level and sensor.wifi_connection entities were created.

I did briefly see a message in the HA logs - something to do with unable to create duplicate entity sensor.battery_level however failed to pay much notice to it at the time as I was trying to verify that all our systems were up and running correctly. That log message is no longer available due to several HA restarts having to be done.

I’m aware of the imminent PR to add device name to these generated sensors, but in the meantime I’ve renamed the battery and wifi sensors associated with Pixel #1 (mine). After doing this I restarted HA and force-stopped the app on Pixel #2 before re-launching in an attempt to generate the same sensors for that device.
However this did not work.

Is there some particular voodoo I can do to re-generate these sensors, preferably without having setup Pixel #2 from scratch which will presumably require regenerating notify services under a new name, etc.

Scratch this.

They showed up 13 minutes ago as if by magic without any further restart shenanigans.