Force HomeAssistant to write each data point to Influx


I have been struggling with this really hard to understand behavior of HomeAssistant. I configured InfluxDB with HA, but I learned that HA does not write every data point to Influx (and to other databases for that matter), but it writes data point only if it is different from previous one. This is really really disturbing… I just cannot understand why this is a default behavior (at least that is the one I have). I know that for some cases it might be beneficial, but… not for me though.

Is there a setup, configuration or any other option how to turn this off and force HA to write all data points to DB (to Influx in this case)?


For those, that stumble upon this topic. I got this response on Discord:

“For the recorder that was changed to reduce the amount of data written.”

And there are no parameters to enforce it to behave differently.