Force removal of z-wave node


More or less. It seems like HA gets its list of Z-Wave devices from the connected hub, but that there is a bit of caching somewhere, though I haven’t spent any time yet to figure out where.

Here’s what I do now to get rid of a device:

  1. Perform a “Remove Failed Node” through HA itself.
  2. Completely power down HA and the Z-Wave hub itself. I’m running on an RPi so I turn it off and on again.

I managed to get that working with a “dead node” on the first try, but previously I was removing the failed node and restarting HA itself. Apparently, just restarting HA is not enough. Everything needs to go cold first.

That said, the entity_id that I gave the device is “remembered” by HA so, even though it no longer shows the Z-Wave device, if I try to give any device that same name, it will complain that it’s still in use.


Delete the old entries from core.entity_registry in the storage folder and you’ll be able to rename your device with the old name. Make sure you get all related entries and don’t mess up the json format or you’ll be screwed.

Do this at your own risk.


This worked perfectly! Thanks.