Force the "device_tracker" component to check for devices


I’m implementing my HA security system and I would like to force the device_tracker component to check for devices/presence when an event occurs (like motion in one sensor).

I know that once option is to set the interval_seconds to a very low number but this is something that I would like to avoid.

There is a way to force the device_tracker to check for new devices? I’m using the dd-wrt platform.


Would it be possible to maybe make the connection from the other side? What are you tryigin to detect? If it were a smartphone (Android) you could just set the state via a App like tasker to get it immidiatly.

Yes. there are many posibilites but I’m trying not to relay on a smartphone app. I prefer the device_tracker with dd-wrt platform so I don’t need to install or maintain anything on all the mobile devices. I can even use the Locative or Owntracks but I don’t want to configure anything on the mobile devices… I have a big family :slight_smile:

My daughters forget to disarm the alarm when they arrive home 50% of the times… So I want the alarm to be disarmed as soon as possible before alarm is activatedl.

I want HA to check if there is any “recognized” person connected to the wifi before activating the alarm. The device_tracker is checking every 60 seconds but this is not enough sometimes. I would like to force HA to perform a check just before activating the alarm.

did this go anywhere? It would be nice to do just to update people’s status from a debugging perspective.