Forcing battery status updates that are not published

How can I refresh the zigbee sensor status.
By what command? In the z2m panel I can do it manually by pressing refresh. And how to automate it? The problem concerns the condition of the battery for the Aqara roller blinds motor. Unfortunately, neither the position nor the battery are published.

Can you point me to where there is a zigbee device refresh option/button for a device on the Zigbee2MQTT GUI? New to me.

Most device, especially battery powered end devices, in the Zigbee universe go to sleep of their own accord and only wake up to send and receive messages of their own accord. From my understanding if the device is asleep (which is often most of the time) when a message is sent to it, and it does not wake up within a time out window for the message, the message is lost and the human/system controlling the message sender must resent the message, no automatic resend within the Zigbee standard.

Zigbee is pretty much designed to be a ‘push’ based system, not so much a ‘pull’ information system. End device are preprogrammed to a ‘push’ schedule and you have to live within it. I’ve not seen many device (read this to be none in the general space) that allow you to change the devices schedule of waking up and/or sending information.

So I am thinking you have to live with the schedule that your Aqara device has been programmed to send it’s battery and blind position values. Often when a zigbee end device like this is triggered by a local control (aka up or down switch) the device will send out an update of all of it’s status. Battery values are often sent out on a regular schedule (again, as far as I know, not under your control) based on it’s firmware.

Good hunting!

Thank you for your answer, although I know all this. Perhaps I misunderstood the topic. It is possible that the device refreshes the battery status, I don’t know, but it is not visible in HA. Only after pressing the button shown in the screenshot in the attachment does the battery status change.
What I mean is how to perform such automation instead of pressing a button with your finger.
The problem is that for some reason these devices (I have 4 of them) never update the battery status. Only after manual refresh. Perhaps the problem is Conbbee II and its lack of updates. The strange thing is that the problem only affects these devices. If I could induce such automation, I wouldn’t look any further.
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