Forcing MQTT integration to re-scan for devices?

Tonight I decided to flash a few smart LED strips with Tasmota. The tool I use for this (tuya-convert) installed vanilla (non-dockerised) Mosquitto, which took over port 1883 and made the Home Assistant version very upset. I purged Mosquitto so the docker version could start up again.

In my troubleshooting attempts I removed and re-added both the MQTT add on and the MQTT integration. Now I’ve added both back, and I think everything’s working. The add-on shows a green light in supervisor and has my devices in the logs. If I open the integration, I can listen to # and see all five of the devices checking in from time to time. But none of them are showing up in Devices or Entities, or on my homescreen; and where the MQTT integration once said “5 devices” it now just says nothing. If I go into the integration overflow -> System options, “Enable newly added entities” is checked.

Is there something I’m missing here? If the MQTT integration can “hear” all 5 of my devices when I listen to the # topic, how can I make it add them to Devices / the home screen like it used to do?

Thanks in advance! Running the custom Linux install version on Ubuntu, v 0.115.3.

On each device, go to the tasmota console and enter

Setoption19 0
Setoption19 1

The reason for that normal behavior is that the devices actively register (discover) themselves at HA, HA can’t scan them.
The MQTT discovery works with defined topics which the devices have to publish.
In general devices publish that discovery message on each startup.
Francis already provided a solution for Tasmota that works without restart.

If you use TasmoAdmin, you can execute these Commands for all devices easily.

Thanks folks - that worked perfectly. Appreciate the explanation about why too, good to know :slight_smile: