FordPass Integration - Ford locked me out code CSIAH0320E

I searched this forum and didn’t see anything mentioned, so if you are having this same problem the goal here is to save you some time, or even if my information is flawed, please correct it for the benefit of others, well and me too.

Never the less, a few days ago I noticed my HA FordPass integration stopped working. This happened a short time (days) after adding the FordPass integration to a second instance of Home Assistant at another location. Other than the FordPass app on my phone and my HA integrations I have no other apps using FordPasses API.

I also found that when logging into Ford’s site I received error CSIAH0320E which means my account was locked and required an admin to reinstate.

The long and short of it is that Ford is locking accounts without any apparent warning (That I saw anyway) for what are apparently API access violations. There is a thread here that goes into more detail, you just need to sift through the rants of ticked off owners. The link I shared should leave you at a post detailing how to get your account unlocked. If you want some interesting reading, go to the beginning of the thread.

Basically you need to remove the HA integration, call the number listed in the thread following the dos’ and don’ts when on the call to avoid confusion and being sent down the wrong track.

Ford certainly could have done a better job of communicating with their customers vs just hard locking accounts with no explanation leaving customers having to figure our what happened by themselves.

Do I understand why they did this: Yes on several fronts
Battery Drain
API abuse

Do I agree with how they went about it: NO!


Has anyone turned integration back on after lockout? I see from the change log that polling was reduced… anyone risk it yet?

If I do, I’m going to use a separate e-mail invite to prevent primary app lockout.


They had me reactivated within 3 days. To answer your question, No I haven’t, but I’m keeping my head down for now and not re-installing the integration until there’s an anointed one by Ford.

I thought of doing the same thing as you but at this point they have my VIN which, who knows, could be on a watch list and I really don’t want to be put in time out for eternity as they threaten will happen.


My wife’s app access was never revoked so it was not a VIN lock, it was my account only and not her ‘authorized user’ account… so IF I turn it back on, i’m using an authorized user and not the same user as the app.

I got a call from an advanced fordpass guide saying the issue has been resolved and to reach out if there are any more issues… no threat to not use integrations; maybe they fixed the API on their end as well…

Anyone chime in if they have started using fordpass-ha after a lock out restore???

I miss the door lock at night check… and device tracker to help with garage door automations.