Forecast Solar energy_production_today seems to be broken

I am using Forecast solar for some time (since Dec 2022) and it was never exactly precise (as expected for a forecast), but it was usually somehow reliable.
But in last month or two the estimated production for current day (energy_production_today) seems to got broken completely.
Looks like it is mirroring the energy_production_today_remaining with just a little twist. Around 10 pm it suddenly raises from close to 0 back to almost the highest value it had during the day.
As the API only provides data for hours between 6am and 8pm I have no clue how/why the integration is generating data outside this time-window.

Anyone else noticed the same issue?

This number should change very slowly after noon and basically stay constant since the middle of the afternoon as there is no way the production for that day will change significantly no matter what the sun/weather does as majority of the production is in the past.

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Knut Kohl any idea why it behaves like this?

Is this always around 22:00?
I don’t see these large jumps in forecast during the evening, but sometimes at 24:00.
This is an example:

However, I think this is because at 24:00 the forecast changes from the current to the next day, so this can be normal.
Could it be that somehow the forecast timing is off by two hours for you?

I am afraid it is not that simple.
Lately I have seen it at different times between 21:30 and 22:30 and then on 23.8. at 18:35.
But I used this jump just as a demonstration of it’s weird behavior. The real issue is it is completely erratic.
How it can suddenly raise the expected todays production after sunset? That’s clear nonsense.

And also it is obviously somehow following the remaining production for the day, while it should either stay constant or adjust for the sun forecast and amount of produced energy.

I have given up to be honest and installed Solcast as people reported it has better forecast and I have seen no reports of it producing random data. Will see :crossed_fingers:

Hello everyone. I’m having the same issue. Wild swings in production forecasts, playing hell with my scheduled scripts where I’m trying to determine whether to charge off peak or not.

I had assumed until this morning seeing this post that it was just me doing something wrong (normally is🤪).

It’s broken for me too. Completely unreliable at the moment. Often seems to think I generate more overnight than I do during the day! And the tomorrow forecast is bonkers. I don’t know whether it’s the actual 3rd party service or the integration. The example live graphs showing on the service’s own website seem ok. I have a paid account with an API key, if that makes any difference.

You don’t see large jumps? I see in your chart jumps larger than %50 total daily production during your evening time.

Can you please share your experience with Solcast? I’m about to give up on Forecast.Solar.

@Forecast.Solar Have you seen this thread?

Solcast is working much better for me. It is still forecast, so not 100%, but it is stable without large jumps and generally much closer to the actual production.
When the weather stays as predicted it is usually spot on. Only when it changes during the day it comes slightly off. No big deal.

I switched to Solcast and it seems much more reliable.

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